WELCOME TO YOUR COACH TRAINING! We're excited that you've joined our team and can't wait to help you get started! Please read over the training schedule below and stay in contact with your sponsor coach with any questions you have! Also, this is a self paced training so it is YOUR choice as to:

               How fast or slow you want to go. 

               Whether you START and whether you FINISH. 

               How thorough you want to be.

               Whether you decide to use this site as a reference in your business. 

Because the great thing about being a coach is that this is YOUR business and your coach is there to mentor you not to be your boss which means your success is in YOUR hands and that's what's so incredibly amazing about being a business owner and an entrepreneur! YOU determine your future! The resources are all there! You just have to decide to go for it and MAKE IT HAPPEN! 

And the bottom line is this! Over the next few weeks you're going to learn more and more about coaching, it will be a LOT of information and it can seem a bit overwhelming at times and we so understand because we've been there too! So go through each section one at a time and let your coach know what questions you have as you complete each section. Then use the trainings and this site as a reference tool and in about 3-4 months it will all start to click and what you'll soon start to realize after you hear it over and over and over is that this business is SIMPLE and based on 4 things: 

Doing the 4 Vital Behaviors every single day with consistency

Sharing YOU and your journey on social media

Building relationships & helping people reach their goals

Tracking your business

So YES there are a lot of ins and outs and details but after a few months, if you focus on the four things above it will all start to fall in place!