We're so excited you've joined our team and can't wait to see where you take your business! We love being coaches with this AMAZING company and the fact that you can truly create this to be anything you want it to be AND that you can work it around your family's schedule all on social media is perfect!

Our goal for you in this training is to help you learn a little more about the "business" side of Beachbody and then in your next training we'll talk more about what you will be doing every day as a coach. Your final training will be where we put everything into action!

There are 12 lessons in this training that should only take only a few minutes on average to complete and you should be able to complete the entire training in 1 hour or less! Then when you've completed the training let your sponsor coach know you're done and what questions you have. Then we'll get you up and running in your next training! 


The 4 Vital Behaviors are the absolute foundation of your business and every successful coach will tell you that you can't create a successful Beachbody business by doing just 1 or 2 but that doing all four every day with CONSISTENCY and FOCUS will be the game changer in your business!!

Check out this quick training from one of our coaches and we'll go into more detail later! 

4 Vital Behaviors Training (15 min)