Possibly the Easiest Way to Monetize Your Blog

Being a first time mom and having a full time job, leaves little to no time for anything in between keeping the house orderly, having food on the table, proper hygiene and enough sleep to function.

One of my goals in life is to break away from the nine to five and be able to support myself and my family with a sustainable income.  This is the reason why I love selling passive income products on Etsy.  I am able to create something once, and can sell it over and over; again and again. And the kicker is, it’s not a time suck.  I’m not sewing every piece.  I’m surely not painting or handlettering every piece.  I’m not packaging every piece.  And I’m not shipping every piece.  I am literally making money while I sleep.

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Case Study: 2nd Month in Business

Another month down in the books.  New lessons learned.  More challenges conquered.  New heights reached.  All of it, one step at a time.  Like I’ve said before, no one built an empire in a day, right?

I know so many people who have brilliant ideas for successful businesses but hold back because of money concerns.  This space will be a real life experiment on finding efficient and small ways to make money so that I can slowly invest (risk) more money into what I really want to pursue.

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Crafting Your Brand Positioning Statement

Now that you have a jump start on what your authentic brand and business looks like.  Now that you have identified who you are, your strengths and weaknesses and how to incorporate that into building an authentic business, let’s dive into another branding foundation: brand positioning - and crafting your brand positioning statement.

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Case Study: Building a Business from the Ground Up


Not only did I create this space to share my knowledge of business with a high emphasis on marketing and branding - but I also created this space to be a big case study.  To chronicle what it looks like going from ZERO to - well, let's reach for the STARS!

Currently I have a full-time day job which pays for my bills and takes care of my family.  I have a few side hustles to make money to help me fund and grow this space and business.  I could have easily used my hard earned cash from my day job to fund this space - but I really wanted to be creative and make something out of nothing

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