How to Make the Most Out of a Hiatus

It's no surprise that this space has been quiet over the last part of 2016.  Since the summer, my life - offline, has really zapped all of my energy.  At my job, I've been really busy taking on new roles, new initiatives and developing and implementing new processes which includes an entirely new onboarding process for new hires.  That was a big run-on sentence. :|  Moving on...

How to make the most out of a hiatus

Something about that 'new 'new y'all!  All the energy that I do have left, has been poured into my family and 18 month old daughter.

With that said, I'm really happy to be back in this space.  I've missed it.  It's been so long that bank cards have expired (ie: services such as MailChimp were suspended temporarily).  Not fun.  Too all my new subscribers, I apologize!  I will be making it up to you.

What I am most definitely excited about, is to share with you the good news!  The good news is - there is always a positive, sometimes you just have to dig deep to find it.  The good part of my hiatus was that I learned so much in the corporate world, that I can apply to online and solo businesses.


Over the next month or so we are going to start talking about engagement (in business).  How to engage your employees.  How to engage your team.  How to engage your clients, members and guests.  How to engage the naysayers.

But before we get into that let's talk about this hiatus situation and if you have been, are in or will be in a similar situation as I've found myself - what you can do to make the most out of it.

1. FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE - it's easy to guilt trip yourself, but just stop.  In the end, what does that do for you? Nothing.  So go on, have your mope session for a minute.  Ok, two tops.  Then get on with it.  You've got much more going for you than against you.

2. PULL ON WHAT YOU'VE LEARNED OVER YOUR HIATUS - something happened in that time.  You didn't just Netflix and Chill, right?  Right.  Whether you took maternity leave, cared for a sick loved one, took some time to find yourself, possibly even made some mistakes.  You learned something.  What is it?  How can you apply it to your business?  Can you adapt it to your current offerings?  Can you build an extension off of the brand you've already created a foundation for?

3. COMBINE WHAT YOU'VE LEARNED WITH WHAT YOU KNOW - no one will ever arrive.  We should always be evolving, growing and learning.  Even though you haven't spent time on your business or whatever it is that you took a hiatus from in a while - you still posses all that knowledge and information.  Better yet, you've learned more (maybe from different perspectives) during your break.  You've gained more knowledge, more skill, more information.  The challenge in front of you now is bridging it all together to create something dynamite!

I look forward to learning what that dynamite thing is!  In the meantime, get ready for this engagement series because it is going to motivate you to really invest yourself into your business and truly give it your all.

4. PUT YOURSELF BACK OUT THERE.  Reconnect with business friends, network to get to know new people and REACH OUT!  Keeping good relationships can help you get back into the game, no matter how long you've been out.  Get back on social media.  Update your profiles and get to posting on a regular schedule that fits you.