Possibly the Easiest Way to Monetize Your Blog

Being a first time mom and having a full time job, leaves little to no time for anything in between keeping the house orderly, having food on the table, proper hygiene and enough sleep to function.

One of my goals in life is to break away from the nine to five and be able to support myself and my family with a sustainable income.  This is the reason why I love selling passive income products on Etsy.  I am able to create something once, and can sell it over and over; again and again. And the kicker is, it’s not a time suck.  I’m not sewing every piece.  I’m surely not painting or handlettering every piece.  I’m not packaging every piece.  And I’m not shipping every piece.  I am literally making money while I sleep.

Possibly the Easiest Way to Monetize Your Blog

Not only am I selling to those that I’ve connected with on social media, but anyone who is an etsy customer or browsing as a guest may come across my product.  Etsy is a HUGE platform to sell your digital products and it has a massive audience.  It is a great place to connect and find fans.

What are the benefits of selling on Etsy?

  • Well trusted platform
  • Secure payments
  • Paypal integration
  • Integrated digital delivery system
  • Wide audience
  • Brand exposure
  • Varied income stream

You know the saying, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket,” right?  It’s classic and fitting for online businesses.  Online biz entrepreneurs usually divvy up those eggs in a number of ways.  They produce eBooks, ecourses, sell packaged services, etc.  

Why not add on digital downloads through Etsy as well.  That book you sell on your site, you could also sell it on Etsy as well.  So not only is that book exposed to your fans and loyal readers, but now your book has MASSIVE exposure on Etsy and can be a welcome mat to your brand.  New people can then connect with you on a deeper level by visiting your site and have the potential to be your newest loyal fans and customers.  That’s a win!

If you are already selling digital products, why not take a couple of hours to set up shop on Etsy and start selling them through Etsy’s marketplace?  It’s passive money since all of the hard work is already done and it gives you the opportunity to reach a new audience that you wouldn’t have been able to through your own site.

If you aren’t selling digital products, why not take a day to create some and open up a shop.  There has to be some type of printable or download that you can create that compliments your current biz.

Hold the phone - I already got you hooked up girl!  Check out the resource library and get the 51 Ideas To Fund Your Small Biz cheat sheet.  If you don’t have access, there is a link on the resource page for you to sign up. Or sign up below.

Who should sell on Etsy?

You should.  You should have started yesterday.  But it’s ok!  You can start today.  No harm, no foul.  If you have a blog or an online business this is a great way to get your feet wet in starting to monetize your online home!  It’s 98% risk free.  As in, there are $0.20 listing fees.  So there is that.  If you open a shop with this link, both you and I get 40 listings free. Now what’s your excuse?

Ready to open up shop?

I know you are!  So let’s get to it, in four simple steps.

1. Name your shop
This one should be a no brainer if it is complimenting an online biz or blog that you already have.  To keep everything on brand I would name the shop the same as my blog and might add in an extra word (ie: shop, boutique, apparel) if it fits.  If I were to create an etsy shop selling tees for She Builds; I might name it The She Builds Shop, or She Builds Apparel.

2. Add some listings
If you already have digital or print-on-demand products created, then this step is simple and you should get to listing.  If you don’t have anything created.  Take some time out to make some downloads using your favorite programs (Canva will work beautifully for this, and it’s free!).

3. Complete payment information
In order to get paid, you need to have bank account information so that Etsy can deposit money into your bank when you make sales.  Also - they may ask for credit card information to verify your identity and to also have something on file when you are ready to pay your bill.  Remember listings are $0.20 and when you make a sale, there is a 3.5% transaction fee that Etsy will bill you for at the end of the month.

4. Open shop.
Once all of those necessities are taken care of you are ready to open shop!!  Promote your new shop on your website and social media!  You may also want to add in a little special coupon to your email list subscribers!  Other items you may want to work on in the future for your Etsy shop is setting up shop policies, letting customers get to know more about you and adding a header - or even trying out their new “Pattern” feature where you can connect your etsy shop to your own domain!

Set aside a few hours and start monetizing your blog today.