Don't Lose Your Customers

You’ve done the work! Pat yo’self on the back girl.  But don’t pat too hard! The work isn’t over yet girl ;)!

You created high value content for your audience.  You gave away content and products for free that should have been paid for.  You created and sold products that helped your customers solve their problems.


Don't Lose Your Customers, Deliver on Your Brand Promises

If you have a genuine, well crafted brand that helps people; the only thing you need to do to keep your customers is to CONTINUE TO DELIVER ON BRAND PROMISES.

What is a brand promise?

A brand promise is the expectations that an organization upholds to set itself apart from competitors and to garner trust from customers.

Smith + Co Consultancy eloquently puts it as this:

“An articulation of what target customers can expect from their experience with an organization.  It describes the experience and value that this represents to the customer.” (source)

Your brand’s promise should:
   +Illustrate the value and benefits of your OFFERINGS.
   +Be the focus in everything that your business does.
   +Be set apart from your competition’s brand promises.
   +Be simple and concise.

Examples? I got you girl!

  • Google - Access to the world’s information in one click.
  • FedEx - Peace of mind.
  • Patagonia - Environmentally responsible adventure.
  • Lynda - High quality trainings that’s affordable and convenient.
  • - I will teach you how to increase your sales with social media.

Let’s take a further look at Caitlin Bacher's brand!

Caitlin is a well-known blogger who teaches business owners how to make money through profitable social media strategies.  Furthermore, if you have followed her for any amount of time, you know that she is an IG Queen!

If you’re a business owner who struggles with social media, or are stumped on a specific platform, Caitlin would be one of your go-tos that you would consider enlisting help from!

Now, when news of the new Instagram algorithm hit, everyone was in a flurry.  And what happened?  Caitlin delivered. No, she didn’t deliver.  Caitlin delivered - LIKE A BOSS.

She reminded her audience and customers of her promise to teach you how to increase your sales with social media by explaining why you should stop complaining about the new algorithm (a little tough love) and what to do to keep your Instagram followers engaged with you.  She did this by publishing a blog post, holding several Periscopes about it and discounting a social media ecourse!

Not only did she give away free value, but also encouraged customers to take advantage of a discounted course.

Caitlin took advantage of an opportunity, created high value for her audience, delivered on her brand promises which further builds her authority and garners more loyalty from her customers.

Way to go Caitlin!

So what did we learn?

+A brand promise is what my customer expects to experience when interacting with my business.

+In everything my business does, my brand promise should be at the focus of every action.

+Upholding my brand promise that gives high value to my customers beyond the things that they pay for is the best way to create brand loyalty and keep my customers.

OMG Aukele, I need to define my brand promise and write it down so that I can be aware and focused when conducting business, help me out!!

Ok so here’s the deal, I created a FREE guide that will help you to define your brand promise and then I went one step further in helping you to break down how to fulfill and deliver on that promise in everything that you do in your business.  Sounds amazing, right?  All you need to do is fill out that little box below and then click on the link in the thank you note (in that same box, no email).

And if you’re already a Biz Builder, you can just access it in my FREE resource library.

You’re welcome!