Possibly the Easiest Way to Monetize Your Blog

Being a first time mom and having a full time job, leaves little to no time for anything in between keeping the house orderly, having food on the table, proper hygiene and enough sleep to function.

One of my goals in life is to break away from the nine to five and be able to support myself and my family with a sustainable income.  This is the reason why I love selling passive income products on Etsy.  I am able to create something once, and can sell it over and over; again and again. And the kicker is, it’s not a time suck.  I’m not sewing every piece.  I’m surely not painting or handlettering every piece.  I’m not packaging every piece.  And I’m not shipping every piece.  I am literally making money while I sleep.

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How to Create a Passive Side Hustle

Do you side hustle?  I do!  I have side hustles so that I can have “risk” money for She Builds without risking any of my actual money that I need to support myself and my family. Smart, right?  

One of my biggest hurdles in stepping out and creating this new, awesome if I must say, community, She Builds - was investing money. 

Creating a passive side hustle was the only way I could see myself feeling comfortable in creating She Builds and not staying up all hours of the night creating, packing and shipping products for a side hustle + creating valuable content for She Builds + tending to a newborn + holding down a 9-5.  You with me?

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