How To Deliver an Opt-In Freebie For Free

Are you just starting out online and feeling overwhelmed about all the tools you need to start your business and the investment it takes?

I feel you.  You have a fabulous idea, everything is mapped out and ready to go. You’re pumped and excited and you start getting to work.

But then it all hits like a ton of bricks?  I have to pay for a domain, content management, social media scheduling, visual branding, and my email marketing service?

Pump the brakes.  “Man, that sucks,” you say. Feeling defeated, now where do you even start?  The plan and all that excitement is dead.

Turn that frown upside down my Squarespace using friend, because here’s the good news… I have a workaround for delivering that amazing freebie you dreamed up in your head for free

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