Why We Need to Refocus Our Brainstorming Process

A few months ago I read a post from Melyssa Griffin on how to create a resource library using a plugin for blog babes that use the Wordpress platform.  I loved the back story on why you should create a resource library and the benefits she had received from creating one - yet the tutorial wasn’t made for me and the platform I was using, Hi Squarespace!  So, duh, I took advantage of that opportunity and knew I would create a blog post on it - someday.  And then I forgot about it. Lame!

Why We Need to Refocus Our Brainstorming Process

Fast forward to March.  I bought Melyssa’s course, List Surge, and started diving into it when I realized, oh yah, I wanted to create the resource library tutorial for Squarespace users. Even more so I wanted to create because, check it out! - I have all of these co-List Surgers (new potential readers) that may be seeking out the “how to” for a Squarespace resource libary. Jackpot.

Immediately I banged out the post and created the tutorial.  For those that wanted to opt-in to my email list through that post, I offered the visual version of the tutorial, whereas on the post itself, I walked through the steps via copy only.

I published the blog post on March 11, 2016.  As of writing this post, it has been exactly one month - and guess what, it is the most viewed page on my site.  Riddle me that!

As I watched my pageviews grow, and my list subsequently - I had to think to myself, WHY?  

And this is the reason girlies…

Because I created problem solving content.  

I saw a need. I had the expertise to solve the problem. And I provided a solution to the need.

Simple, right?

But honestly, how many times do we think up blog posts without our readers in mind.  I imagine the blog post brainstorming process sometimes goes like this…

What do I want to talk about?  What’s going on in my life?  What do I know?  What am I good at?  What do I think people want to know?

Do you see a pattern here?

Way too many I’s in this process!!  

If you’re an infopreneur or want to head in that direction, you’ve already heard a million times that you’re content needs to provide value.  That your content needs to solve a problem.  That your content needs to be about your reader, and not about you.

If you brainstorm ideas the “I” way - then once you have a general idea for a blog post, you need to turn it around and ask yourself how it solves a problem that your readers encounter.  

If the post is talking about yourself and what you’ve done or did, how does that provide value to your readers or how to flip it to express the the value or takeaways from the personal experience you’re sharing.

Why not refocus the initial brainstorming process?

What should the brainstorming process look like?  It should go something like this…

What do my readers need help with?  What are they struggling with?  What is holding them back from xyz?  What problems are they facing?  From my experience, is there anything I can anticipate that my readers may need or problems they will run into?

The ideas that will develop from this way of thinking will help you to create problem solving content that will captivate and engage your readers; which will make you more appealing and desirable and validate your authority.

If you have a hard time answering those questions, the internet is your new best friend!  A few ways you can find ideas to help you brainstorm problem solving content include:

   +Search your facebook groups for keywords to bring up posts that may direct you to questions or problems your readers need help with.
   +Search keywords on Quora.
   +Search hashtags on Twitter.

NOTE: At the end of the post I have a worksheet for you so that you can practice generating problem solving content using the internet.  If you’re already a #bizbuilder and signed up to my email list, then you can access the worksheet in the Resource Library NOW!

After you know what problem you are solving, outline your post.  You should have a main idea for your blog post and the sub-ideas, key points or takeaways that you want to address in the post.  At this point, you should also have an idea for a content upgrade you can create, or find an upgrade you’ve already created that fits well with the post.

Now that you know what problem you’re solving, and how you’re going to solve it - it is time to write that amazing content and then create your snazzy title.

Boom sha ka la ka!  If you’re a well established blogger, then you’re following might do all the promo work for you.  But if you’re in my boat, where you are still new and still growing (every day), then you need to PROMO the heck out of it.

Watch out now, because once your readers start reading that bomb.com content that is solving their issue or problem, you can go take your lil productive self and do another task because everyone will be sharing the value you’ve created!!!


While content is important (I mean, SUPA DUPA important), that is where all the value is, right?  It does no good, if you’re title isn’t snazzy and readers aren’t intrigued to click through to the article.  That’s a whole nother post for another day, that I will be publishing soon!

Don’t worry now, I didn’t forget about that worksheet I told you about earlier.  
Stay tuned my friend ;) ;)