How to Maintain Brand Equity

Your biz is finally in that sweet spot.

You are now recognizable.  Customers are loyal to your brand and any new offerings you have.

Why?  Because of the blood sweat and tears in laying down your branding foundations. You know what I’m talking about!  Creating your authentic brand, positioning yourself, developing a visual identity that correlates with your brand’s values and tone and building brand equity or a consumer experience that customers want to experience again and again.

Biz entrepreneurs don’t build brands, the consumers do!

How to Maintain Brand Equity

So once we’ve paved the way, consumers became customers and we have their loyalty, how do we keep it?  How do we maintain brand equity?

Continue to Differentiate Your Brand and Offerings: Always set your offerings apart from your competition (other’s in your niche).  Let your customers know what makes your offering unique, not like anything else and the best choice for them.

Continue to Provide Value: If your customer isn’t benefiting from your offering then they will move on.  Always give value and continue to establish your authority, not only to your audience but to your customers as well.  Give to your customers and your customers will give back to you!

Continue to Deliver on Brand Promises: Remember those promises and all those amazingly crafted sentences you wrote down to define your brand and craft your brand’s position.  Girl, you better be holding true to those!  (ie: If you positioned yourself as a down-to-earth xyz, then whenyou hit some dollar signs, don’t lose sight of where you once came from!)

Keep the Emotional Connection: You’re human.  Your customer is human.  Be human!  Be relatable and relevant to your peeps!

In conclusion, we maintain brand equity by
doing the following…

Always differentiate
Always provide
Always deliver
Always connect

This wraps up the Branding Foundations series.  I hope you were able to learn and apply something amidst these five blog posts.  If you missed any, they will all be listed below (again).

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