Engage Effectively in Facebook Groups

This one time at bandcamp… No!  Somewhere on the interwebs, I read Melyssa Griffin talk about how she uses Facebook to see what problems her audience is facing so that she can solve them - whether it be a high value, free blog post or webinar, or possibly a creme de la creme, paid e-course.  

Engage Effectively in Facebook Biz Groups

As a List Surge student I saw many fellow students posting about creating a resource library in Wordpress.  And I was thinking heeeeyyyyy… What about us Squarespace peeps?  

I had already envisioned in my mind how I would put together a library in Squarespace when Melyssa first wrote about it on her blog, and so I seized the opportunity to create a how-to for Squarespace.

The FIRST PLACE I promoted it was in the Facebook biz groups I’m a part of and you know what... BINGO BANGO … Hello new traffic and email list subscribers!!

All to say that Facebook groups are great places to:

  +brainstorm with other creatives or people in your niche
  +get feedback on what you’re working on from your peers
  +learn tips and tricks to enhance your biz
  +network with others and find opportunities
  +find support in your biz
  +research what your audience is struggling with
  +learn about current problems so that you can solve them

If you haven’t joined a Facebook group.  Girl, go getchu some please!  There is power… POWER POWER POWER in utilizing Facebook groups, reference intro story above.
A common theme with the groups are that they dedicate certain days of the week for members to post about a certain topic.

For example, promo day (the day you’re allowed to promote your beautiful self and what you’re doing or selling) for the Blog & Bizz BFFs group and the For Love + Money group is on Friday; but it is on Tuesday for the Creative Superheroes group.

You can see how this can get confusing, and that is just one topic!  So what’s a girl to do.

WEEEELLLL I’m glad you asked!! I put together a little template to keep it all together, because I get totally bummed when I’m not ready to write a well-thought out post and miss an opportunity to share and engage with peers.

The good news is that I'm sharing it with you so you can stay on top of your community game!

If you enter your name and email below, the link to the template will be in the thank you message!  ALSO NOTE: In the first cell of the spreadsheet, I wrote a comment with instructions.  Click on the cell to open up the comment!

BONUS TIP: If you are always on the go, download the Google Drive Apps on your phone. Save the template in there along with a directory of all the URLS you share often (blog posts, landing pages, etc.) This way you'll be able to participate effectively in groups, wherever you are!

EXTRA BONUS TIP:  If you've already signed up to my list, you should have the Library password and you can access the template in there!!