Create Blog Post Images That Convert

I get it. So much work goes into making a blog post. A lot of time and effort is put into it. Sometimes even blood, sweat and tears. It can be so overwhelming and such a sigh of relief to have it done, that creating a captivating image is just beyond you.

While you pour your heart and soul into your actual content it's not really doing anything if you haven't sparked your readers to click on the image they saw on Pinterest, Twitter, their RSS feed or even the newsletter you sent.

How do you get your readers or passers-by to bite?

If you have really amazing content and have a hard time captivating your readers and creating that spark to know more, READ ON!

We are going to cover five simple steps to creating snazzy blog post images that convert.  As in, readers are clicking through the images to eat up all of that drool-worthy content.

The Dirty Work

You can’t frost a cake without baking it first.  Am I right?  In the same manner, you can’t “frost” your article if you haven’t written it yet.  So before we even think of images make sure the content you are publishing is hair-raising, heart-stirring, spine-tingling content!  I had an aha moment a month ago about restructuring and focusing my initial brainstorming process when developing content, and it would be really helpful for you to check that out. [Related: Why We Need to Refocus Our Brainstorming Process]

Simple Always Works

Now that you’ve created that got-to have content, it is time to start frosting that cake baby!  First things first, simple is better when your brand visuals are not, yet, defined.

If your blog or biz is relatively new, you may not have the money to invest in professional branding; you may have not taken the time out to have a concrete brand visuals strategy; or you just haven’t found the time to completely DIY your brand and set yourself up with templates, yet.

That’s ok!

As long as you have defined what font families you are using and color scheme - you’re golden.  The rest can evolve over time when it is right for you.  Don’t let this be a crux to pushing out your content and building your blog or biz.

Don't let branding be a crux to pushing out content and building your blog or biz.

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If you need help defining what font families you would like to use, check this article out (The Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing).  It helped me figure out what I wanted to do.

And, if you need help deciding on a color palette for your brand, I definitely recommend you check out Design Seeds.  The color palettes on this site are awe-inspiring and I’m sure you will find a color palette that fits your brand.

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Snazzy Header Text

Blog titles can be boring, and they aren’t always phrases that oblige your reader to click-through.  Who made the rule that your image text needs to replicate the text in your blog post.  NOBODY!

So get out of that mindset right now!

Going through my own rebranding recently, I realized that some of the promo text sounded better than the actual post titles. I decided to use that text as header text for my image.  I love this idea because blog titles not only need to be irresistible, but they also have to be SEO friendly.  

Google’s search engines are not reading the text on your image!  So this is where you can use all of the enchanting and enticing words you can think of to draw your reader in without worrying about how it will affect your SEO. BOOM!

NOTE: Do note, that you can up your SEO ante with naming the image appropriately so that it reinforces the keywords you are using for SEO.

Your header text should be about your reader.  Instead of saying, “How I Doubled My Traffic in 30 Days.”  You could say, “5 Steps to Doubling Your Traffic in 30 Days.”  or give away “answer” to their problem like this, “How to Use Boardbooster to Double Your Traffic in 30 Days.”

I have a post about delivering on your brand promise.  So while brand promise is the main keyword I want to use for SEO, my audience might not be searching for that term.  However, text such as, “How to Compel Clients to Be Loyal,” stops my potential audience in their tracks, and intrigues them enough to click-through and find out more!

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Catchy Hook Lines

Back to the traffic doubling post example.  It’s kind of bland. There is no spice.  Sometimes that just how titles work out, but that’s okay.  This is where you create a catchy hook line.  A little extra sum sum that captures your audience.

“How to Use Boardbooster to Double Your Traffic in 30 Days.”  Great.  That’s cool.  Some people in my target market might be thinking, “Another service I need to purchase?” Or, “Ugh, another thing to add to my ever-growing to do list, I’ll pass.”  

Now it’s time to create that catchy hook line!  One option could be, “Automate your Pinterest strategy in 5 easy steps.” Or it could read, “The smart way to DOMINATE Pinterest’s smart feed.”

If your main title intrigued your reader but didn’t fully convince them, then the hook line should take care of that!  You don’t know how many times I’ve scrolled through blog post images on Pinterest and the hook line was what convinced me to click-through.

Design Elements that Emphasize

This step is totally optional, but adding design elements that emphasize and reinforce the main idea of your blog post helps to visually draw in readers.  Icons are on-trend.  They are simple.  It doesn’t make your image too busy as a pattern might or other elements if you’re not a professional.  My favorite site for finding icons is  You can also purchase icons through sites such as Creative Market.  If you are using Canva to create your images, I would suggest using (or Photoshop) to recolor your icons to be on brand for visual consistency.

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