Create a Branded Lock Page on Squarespace

Hey!  We’re just going to cut to the chase.  You’re a Squarespace user right?  (If not, definitely read about the concept and importance, but I don’t have a tutorial for you *insert sad emoji*).  

Have you considered branding your lock page?  If you’re here, your answer is probably no.  Or maybe it’s yes - but you are hesitant to adjust settings and want to learn more before making the move.  Luckily for you, I have - and I’m going to tell you why you should have a branded lock page and how to do it.  Woot woot.

Create a Branded Lock Page on Squarespace

Why should I brand my lock page?

Well let me ask you a question, why would you settle for the blah factor, when you can easily have a wow factor?  Isn’t that the beauty of Squarespace and part of the reason we all chose this platform in the first place?  To be able to easily create beautiful pages?  While the default lock page is minimalist and simple, there are tons of people who may possibly have the same lock page as you.

So let’s change it!  You could do something as simple as just changing colors and fonts to be on-brand.  You could also add a picture and include a link to sign up for access if they stumbled on the page without knowing the code (and all the Call to Action fanatics sends thousands of clap emojis).

If you’re thinking, “Ok that's nice and all and sounds great, but I REALLY don’t have the time to even think about that right now.”  Let me try to persuade you just a little bit more.

  • It boosts brand awareness.
  • It helps to make your brand more recognizable.
  • It helps you stay consistent with the rest of your branded site.
  • It creates consistent communication.
  • It helps to establish your reputation.
  • It promotes your credibility.
  • It helps you to stand out from your competition.
  • It shows differentiation.
  • It shows your commitment to your brand and that you take pride in your business and work.

Are you convinced, because I sure am.

How do I brand my lock page?

This is the fun part!  And Squarespace makes it super simple.

1. Log into Squarespace.  On the left sidebar, select Design.

2. Select Lock Screen.

3. To adjust verbiage on the page, click Branding and Text.  Pay attention here.  In the body you can offer a link to sign-up for the password if someone stumbles onto your lock page and they don't have the password.  For my lock page it says, "Want Access?  Be a Biz Builder." Be a Biz Builder has a link to sign up to my email list.

To add a custom background image, click on Imagery.  If you addmore than one image, the page will act as a slide show changing pictures every 5-10 seconds. (This is also true with Cover Pages).

To customize brand colors, fonts and font styles, click Style.

With all of your customizations in place, click Change Layout and see which layout fits you the best!  Check out the slide show with the customizations I selected. This is how the different layouts look.

Here is what my final Lock Page looks like.

Are you ready to customize your lock page?  Get to it!