Create a Resource Library in Squarespace

For all my lady bosses that are service based, creating a resource library provides your clients and consumers an easy way to access all of your worksheets, guides, checklists and the like!

Create a Resource Library in Squarespace and Grow Your Email List

When I started She Builds I had already been following info biz owners such as: Regina Anaejionu, Mariah Coz and Melyssa Griffin.  These biz ladies all create amazing content and provide content upgrades in exchange for an email address.

Hey Aukele, what’s a content upgrade? Bonus content that people can get access to in exchange for their email address (according to Pat Flynn).

This helps them (and you, and me) to:
Build your email list.
Build your authority.
Build customer relationships.
Build trust.

Have you read an article that included a content upgrade and at a later time wanted to go back to that article or content upgrade but had a hard time finding it, or didn’t want to dig through archives of articles?  HELLO RESOURCE LIBRARY!

No one explains the benefits of a resource library like Melyssa, so y’all can check out her post on that [How and Why to Create a Free Resource Library as Your Opt-In Freebie].

So let’s cut to the chase and get crackin on how to set up a resource library in Squarespace.

{PS: Are you a visual learner?  Get the free tutorial with visuals in the RESOURCE LIBRARY! Get access by being a biz builder, enter your email at the end of the article.}  

1. Log into Squarespace and click on Pages
2. Create a new page by clicking the “+” button.  You can choose to set it up in one of your navigations or not.  I chose to set it up under “Secondary Navigation”.
3. Move your cursor over the new page and click the Settings button.
4. Change the title of the page.  I named my, “Resource Library”.
5. Change the url slug if you need to.
6. Type in a password to password protect the page (EXCLUSIVE ACCESS FOR YOUR EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS!)
7. Save your Settings
8. Move your cursor into the page content area, and click Edit.
9. Add a text block to welcome subscribers to the page.
10. Add a gallery grid block to start creating your library.
11. Upload cover images for your content.
12. Hover over the image and click the settings button.  In the clickthrough url field, add the url where the content upgrade is being stored. If you store your files in Squarespace, just click on Files (opposed to the default, External) either add a new file or click on Existing Files, and click on the file the image should link to.  
13. When you are done uploading and linking the images, click Apply.
14. Then click Save in the Editing ‘Page Content’ bar.
15. Let your current email subscribers know about the new library STAT! And then use as an opt-in as you wish!

As you expand, you may want to break up these resources into different sections!  You can even include popular blog posts that don’t necessarily have a content upgrade, or posts that have a list of tools with affiliate links, etc.  You get the jist!

So get to it!  Get access to the resource library for the visual tutorial and go create your Resource Library page today.