Crafting Your Brand Positioning Statement

Now that you have a jump start on what your authentic brand and business looks like.  Now that you have identified who you are, your strengths and weaknesses and how to incorporate that into building an authentic business, let’s dive into another branding foundation: brand positioning - and crafting your brand positioning statement.

How to Craft a Brand Positioning Statement

What is positioning and why is it important?

Positioning is a branding strategy to occupy a distinct position, relative to competing brands in the mind of the customer. (source)

Brand positioning is important because it gives you the opportunity to influence how you would like your audience to perceive you. TWEET THAT!

In conjunction with the previous post in the Branding Foundations series - this statement must be authentic, or else your credibility could be destroyed.  However, what better way to get your audience in the frame of mind you would like them in than to tell them exactly what to think of you.  Read that over one more time and let it sink in!

Let’s take it one step further.  While a positioning statement could just be about how you want your brand to be perceived.  You can also use it to express how you want your audience to see you in comparison to your competition.  Positioning gives you the ability to differentiate your brand from others.

Lastly, brand positioning is important because it reinforces your credibility.  The first step to credibility it being authentic.  The second, is how you position your brand.  It is not an easy task to reposition your brand without destroying your credibility.  Why?  Because your position is a claim.  It holds a promise.  If you take back a promise, how does your audience trust you?


This is why it is essential to make sure that you are authentic when creating your brand, so that you don’t have to rebrand or reposition yourself or your business.

#damnGina that’s deep!  I know, right?!  These are the foundations to building your business the right way, the first time - from the ground up.  So how do you create a positioning statement anyway, Aukele?  Glad you asked!

A brand positioning statement addresses your target audience and their need, what your brand delivers (promise) and how it is set apart (the value) from others in the same industry (differentiation).

Your position is defined by what makes your brand unique, how it is differentiated from it's competitors and the value that your audience will receive when choosing your brand.

Here are some examples:

“For women concerned about perspiration wetness, Secret is the one brand of antiperspirant that is strong enough for a man, but gentle enough for a lady.” - Secret deoderant

“For adults concerned about oral hygiene, Listerine is the one brand of mouthwash that not only stops bad breath but also helps prevent gum disease.” - Listerine mouthwash

“For adult cold sufferers, Nyquil is the one brand of cold remedy that effectively prevents cold symptoms at night so one can sleep.” - Nyquil cold medicine

My positioning statement is:

She Builds helps women build their businesses in a genuine way from the ground up.

In the first Branding Foundations post, I created a guide that walks you through identifying your authentic brand and business called, The Authentic Branding Foundation Formula.  (If you’re late to the game, head to the post and download the freebie and get caught up! We’ll wait).  Keeping the theme of your brand in mind, now it is time to craft your own brand positioning statement so that you can influence the way your audience perceives your brand to build your business.  I created a guide for you to help you brainstorm key messages and customer value propositions to help you in forming a positioning statement for your brand and business!  Get the freebie now! Enter your deets below.

I would love for you to work through the guide and then let me know what your positioning statement is for your brand and business!!

Stay sweet my friends,

photo source: @rekitanicoledesigns