Case Study: First Month of Business

One month down, and a lifetime to go!  This month completes the first official month of She Builds.  We have seen progress and have so much more to do.  No one built an empire in a day, right?

For those that are new here, or didn’t read the first update on She Builds, let’s repeat real quick:

Not only did I create this space to share my knowledge of business with a high emphasis on marketing and branding - but I also created this space to be a big case study.  To chronicle what it looks like going from ZERO to - well, let's reach for the STARS!

Building My Business from the Ground Up (the first month)

Currently I have a full-time day job which pays for my bills and takes care of my family.  I have a few side hustles to make money to help me fund and grow this space and business.  I could have easily used my hard earned cash from my day job to fund this space - but I really wanted to be creative and make something out of nothing.

I know so many people who have brilliant ideas for successful businesses but hold back because of money concerns.  This space will be a real life experiment on finding efficient and small ways to make money so that I can slowly invest (risk) more money into what I really want to pursue.

This past month so much has happened.

Let’s see what happened in January 2016 for She Builds:

  • Started the month with $114.46 left over in side hustle money from the previous month.
  • Generated $23 this month in side hustle money
  • Spent $12 on Squarespace
  • Spent $35 on Regina’s ….
  • Now I have $90.46 to carryover into February.
  • Created a logo, then recreated a better one.
  • Created and uploaded my Favicon into Squarespace.
  • Created a downloadable freebie for those who sign up for my newsletter.
  • Set up a Facebook Page, but haven’t used it yet.
  • Converted my personal Pinterest account to a business one.
  • Added CSS code to my Squarespace site to change the “Read More” button on the blog page.
  • Added CSS code to remove the last name in my newsletter box, which I’ll now be using to deliver my free, awesome, bombtastic content.
  • Switched email systems from GetResponse to MailChimp
  • Wrote two posts for my Branding Foundations series, both with free content upgrades.
  • Completed my ABOUT page (with a Coupon Code in there)

I took advantage of the 30 day free trial for GetResponse.  There was a small learning curve as I've never using email companies before.  At this point in my business - it is more beneficial for me to use Mail Chimp.  What attracted me to Get Response was the fact that the service not only provided newsletter and content delivery services, but also included landing page and webinar features.  As I am growing in my Squarespace knowledge, I’m taking advantage of their features such as subbing cover pages for landing pages, and using their newsletter block to deliver my free content.  My content creation flow is much smoother using Squarespace’s tools, opposed to creating extra forms and doing extra work with GetResponse.  Look for a more detailed post on this shortly.

It seems like a lot, but to me I didn’t feel like I did much.  Taking things in stride, one step at a time takes the pressure off of having it all together from the jump.  This month my goal for the site is to really focus on visual branding.  Walking through both worksheets provided in the Branding Foundations posts will help both you and me in creating a visual brand identity that represents both who we are personally and our businesses.  I will also be adding downloadable printable products for sale in my side hustle store, where I currently have t-shirts and mugs available.  As far as promotion and marketing go, I really want to harness the power of social media and start connecting with others in my field as well as my audience and those that can use my help.  This month I’m focusing on Pinterest and Twitter.  Finally, I am in the very beginning stages of creating a free e-mail course. We’re talking tilling the ground before the seed even thinks about jumping in and getting wet and dirty. Wow - there’s an analogy for you.  I just wanted to mention it since the work has begun.  Let’s see how long it takes to complete it!

Tell me in the comments below what you have been doing this past month to grow your business and what you want to accomplish this coming month!

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