Case Study: 2nd Month in Business

That was fast!

Another month down in the books.  New lessons learned.  More challenges conquered.  New heights reached.  All of it, one step at a time.  Like I’ve said before, no one built an empire in a day, right?

For those that are new here, or haven’t read the first updates on She Builds, let’s repeat real quick:

Building a Business From the Ground Up - the second month

Not only did I create this space to share my knowledge of business with a high emphasis on marketing, branding and back end systems - but I also created this space to be a big case study.  

To chronicle what it looks like going from ZERO to - well, let's reach for the STARS!

Currently I have a full-time day job which pays for my bills and takes care of my family.  I have a few side hustles to make money to help me fund and grow this space and business.  

I could have easily used my hard earned cash from my day job to fund this space - but I really wanted to be creative and make something out of nothing.

I know so many people who have brilliant ideas for successful businesses but hold back because of money concerns.  This space will be a real life experiment on finding efficient and small ways to make money so that I can slowly invest (risk) more money into what I really want to pursue.

This past month so much has happened.

Let’s see what happened in February 2016 for She Builds:

  • Started the month with $125.46 left over in side hustle money from the previous month.
  • Spent $12 on Squarespace.
  • Now I have $113.46 to carryover into February.
  • Signed up for Google Apps which will start to cost me $5/month in April.
  • Gained 6 new subscribers to my email list, now I have 11.
  • Sent out my first newsletter.
  • Re-used free content to sell on Marie + Me.
  • Set up Google Analytics to not read pageviews from the IP addresses I use (home laptop, work computer and iPhone).
  • Wrote three articles on She Builds (here, here and here)
  • Created a “look” for my Pinterest photos, which are translating into defining the rest of my branding.
  • Updated my home page and blog page header.

This month my main side hustle didn’t bring in a cent.  Boo!  I was able to sell some things on an app called Offer Up, but since it was baby items, I decided to use it to buy baby things that my daughter needed.  I’m slowly starting to post the printables in my FREEBIE below on my etsy shop.  Yes it is free, but not everyone will find this post, or my website, and it’s definitely worth the $9 I’m charging to download it.

One thing I’m really excited to work on this month is to finish my visual branding.  And once it is complete I will talk about the process I went through.  Hopefully it will help some of you who are experiencing woes defining their visual brand identity.  Mainly, I want to re-do my logo (again), and also create a few templates - first being a newsletter template.

Something surprising.  Most of my traffic has been coming from DISQUS, the comment platform I use on this site.  Twitter has also been surprisingly good to me, even though I use Pinterest wwaaaaayyyy MORE.

So - I want to know what you’ve been up to this month.  How your business is growing or what you’re doing to get ready to launch it!

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