Case Study: Building a Business from the Ground Up

Not only did I create this space to share my knowledge of business, marketing and branding - but I also created this space to be a big case study.  To chronicle what it looks like going from ZERO to - well, let's reach for the STARS!

Currently I have a full-time day job which pays for my bills and takes care of my family.  I have a few side hustles to make money to help me fund and grow this space and business.  I could have easily used my hard earned cash from my day job to fund this space - but I really wanted to be creative and make something out of nothing

I know so many people who have brilliant ideas for successful businesses but hold back because of money concerns.  This space will be a real life experiment on finding efficient and small ways to make money so that I can slowly invest (risk) more money into what I really want to pursue.

Lets take a look at what I did this month for She Builds.

  • Generated $139 in side hustle revenue using etsy, eBay and selling salts locally (I will be talking more about efficient and hassle free side hustles later on! I got you covered).
  • Set up an IG (hey! follow me there).
  • I bought the domain for She Builds through Google Domains ($12.54).
  • Created a Squarespace account ($12/month) - yes I wasn't ready to dish out the annual lump sum and save myself $4/month.
  • Set up a Twitter (um yah, just click the link!).
  • Started building my Squarespace site
    • Used free styled stock photography from A Prettier Web
    • Created a SumoMe account and installed Google Analytics, Scroll Box and Share

I know that list seems unorganized, but it is chronological.

Next I need to create a simple logo.  Since I'm doing it myself I do not want to get carried away with design.  When I can afford it, I may hire someone to design it, but for now - simple and clean definitely works.  UPDATE: While I did create that logo, I think it is important first, as an online biz owner, to first define your fonts and create a simple text logo first.  Walk through my Branding Foundations series to get a better understanding of developing a visual branding strategy that correlates with your verbal branding strategy. (04/2016)

After that I will be creating a downloadable item as a list building strategy and then I'll be creating templates for social sharing. All the while, cranking out amazing content and taking an approach on branding many people really miss out on.  UPDATE: Again, I did this as well, you can find the quotes ebook in my Resource Library, I have an updated opt-in at the bottom of the post now that gives you access to the library. (04/2016)

I'm so excited to help you build your own business - both by being transparent in growing She Builds from the ground up and also in sharing my knowledge on business with an emphasis in branding and marketing.  Let me know in the comments below what were some of the first steps you did when starting your businesses. UPDATE:  Help is here!!! My new course will be released this Sunday, so fill in the deets below to get in on this awesome email course! (04/2016).