She Builds is committed to helping you build your business from the ground up.

This is a community where inspired biz builders can learn, grow and access the tools that they need to build their dream businesses and succeed with their goals.

Not only is this a place to learn and grow, but it is also the place where I can be transparent about building a business from the ground up. A real, up close and personal look at my trials, errors and success in creating and growing She Builds into a profitable business.  

This is the culmination of everything I have learned up to this point.  Working at a small consulting firm with my dad during the summers of my childhood.  Learning how a small business operates.  Having the entrepreneurial spirit instilled in me before I was a teenager (through the consulting firm and in my genes - dad was a serial entrepreneur as well).  The many shops I’ve opened in online markets such as Etsy and Storenvy.  The salt business I started to carry on my dad’s legacy.  The thousands of dollars paid towards my college education and the BSBA with an emphasis in Marketing degree I earned in January 2009.  

As much as She Builds is an experiment in and of itself and is about me being transparent, it is also about you there, my friend.  About you relating to my experiences and taking the time to share yours so that we can BUILD each other up and help each other create success.  

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Hey! I’m Aukele

I love getting into people’s minds and hearts, finding out what makes them tick and how to use that to create a successful business that they can call their own.  

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit since I was just a child.  From selling lemonade to my mom and her boss on Saturdays at her job as a kid to selling upcycled crafts and my dad’s ever-popular salt in my twenties - I have always had an itch to be my own boss.  At that same point, I could never pinpoint what I really wanted to do.  Every business I started - my heart just wasn’t 100% there, which made it hard for me to push and be passionate.  It would get tiresome and I would get restless.  Working at that consulting firm as a kid and then being given more responsibilities as a highschooler and while attending college - I realized that I wanted to consult.  I’m not a goods business type of person, but a service based business.  I just wasn’t sure on how I wanted to do it - til now.  

For the past three years I’ve watched both men and women make a killing with online businesses and being infopreneurs, yet I felt like I was at a roadblock or a standstill because all the tools and services they were currently using or promoting weren’t within my budget.  That can be really discouraging.  

She Builds is about meeting you right where you are and helping you to build from the ground up.

Currently I am a mama to a beautiful baby girl named Violet Marie.  We had her in July 2015. I work a 9-5 that supports my family and have a few side hustles that support this dream, She Builds.  I also have a pitbull/dachshund mixed dog named Kaimana.  He is four years old and full of energy!  I love to play piano and get lost in the music.  I love to spend time in the kitchen cooking and throwing impromptu dance parties when I'm home alone!

Prior to being a #momboss extraordinaire at She Builds, I opened a modern apparel shop for moms and kids called, Marie + Me.  I’ll let you in on a secret though, dads like the shirts just as much as the moms (I speak from experience *cough* my own significant other "took over" my mommy and me shirt to match our daughter)!

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